Saturday, September 5, 2009

G20 meets on bankers pay. What about provisions when politicians fail?

I just finished skimming through some of the WSJ articles.  One that caught my attention G-20 Agree to Boost Banks' Capital Requirements, Set Rules on Bonuses which makes me think...what about those that make these rules / decisions?

Given everything that happened within the past few years I can't say I don't agree with the G20 on this subject.  I also can't say I agree with them either...I'm very torn on this subject.  On one hand bankers probably do need to feel some pain if they receive a bonus for which we later discover was not warranted.  On the other hand doesn't this mean greater government involvement...meaning they could do the same for other industries?  If that is so, when will we get the ability to enact clawbacks on government officials?  What can we do if/when we learn they use government funds inappropriately?  How about if they leave office and hence us with a significant debt on our heads?

I'm all for regulation when it makes sense, but in this case I want to start seeing politicians doing what they say....not telling companies how to act...and doing something else!

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