Monday, July 20, 2009

New book - The new rules of marketing and PR

Spent some time earlier today at Barnes and Noble.  No real intention to buy anything there other than to waste some time and see if there were any good books.  I skimmed through "The Tipping Point", but did not pull the trigger on that one.  From a cursory reading of the first hundred pages or so it seemed to repeat itself over and over.  Everything related back to some tipping point and that things did not need the overwhelming push as required in the past.  They continued and continued to point out small viral inflection points that changed the game.  Maybe I'm impatient and should have kept reading, so let me know your thoughts if you thought there was much more to this book.

I put the book back and started looking for something else to pass the time.  I started to skim "The New Rules of Marketing and PR" and decided to purchase.  After reading the first 50+ pages I'm very happy with my purchase and the direction.  It is right up the alley I have been building a plan for around our new marketing campaign.  It also hits up a number of the same points from the last book I finished "Your Marketing Sucks...details inside".

If you have read or have thoughts on either or what you've done to implement a new marketing / PR program I'd love to get your thoughts.