Monday, September 28, 2009

Are you using Google Sidewiki with Twitter. 3 ways it could help?

I downloaded Google's Sidewiki plugin last week and have spent a little time playing with their latest tool in the toolbox.  This afternoon I got thinking that maybe if you couple Sidewiki with Twitter it could help with a few things.

Go to your twitter account profile page and click the Sidewiki button to provide additional content / details including:
  1. Provide additional bio information about yourself
  2. Possibly hyperlink to your email address, LinkedIn profiles, etc. so people could easily reach you vs. having to type in the associated link
  3. Use to highlight people that are spammers and help others with who not to follow
  4. Others?
 There are probably many other ways it could be useful, of course it could also turn into a mess because I don't know how you could remove offensive content, user's feedback.  Certainly you could 'Report Abuse' and go through the Google 'Report a policy violation' process, but who knows if they'll remove the offending comment from your sidewiki page.

Do you think it will help, hurt, is useless?

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