Saturday, March 19, 2011

New blogger layout & violence in Libya

Been a few weeks, and boy have things been busy.  Last weekend I took a wild shot to pitch a VC during the SXSWi and got the opportunity.  It was an interesting experience and subsequently my business partner and I had a good conversation about where we need to go next regarding our venture.  This weekend is thankfully queiter and I'm taking a look back at the markets and checking out the new layouts at  As you can see I switched to a travel theme mostly because I was tired of the old thing and I enjoy travelling.

During my updates I found a couple of things I needed to change to keep with my older style.  First I did not want the blogger 'favicon' on my pages.  After looking through various links and posts I finally found one ( which correctly highlights how to change the 'favicon' at blogger - thank you "Peter @ Environman".  Next I wanted to remove the header at the top of the page. Again there were various pages, but the one which correctly described how to remove the blogger banner was ( - thanks Sujith.

(en) Libya Location (he) מיקום לובImage via WikipediaFor those of you who aren't following the news today it is a new news topic...Japan has fallen off the top of the news cycle and Libya has returned.  A few hours ago while reading the paper I heard the French airforce had bombed several Libyan tanks within the no-fly zone Just as we were getting past the news cycle from Japan which took a tremondous toll on the stock markets last week we get a new cycle which is likely to shoot up oil on FUD in the middle east again.

Well that is it for now...I need to get back to reading Barron's for a week in review and checking out what was discussed today at OptionsAnimal.  Oh yeh, one more topic is last week I found Zemanta a service to help bloggers quickly reference materials and images from the web.  We will see how it works over the next couple of weeks, but so far I like the service.
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