Monday, March 28, 2011

Awesome the videos of TEDxAustin are finally up

Got notification today the videos from the TEDxAustin conference I attend in February are now posted. If you have never heard of TED before or the TEDx events check them out and I'm sure you will find at least one topic / discussion which will interest you.

Below are the videos from the talks I found most interesting.  You can also find more about each talk from my blog post a few weeks ago under the heading of TEDxAustin conference. The conference was a blast and so were all the people which I met that Saturday. As expected a number of the items I promised myself I would follow-up on since the event...I haven't done squat with. Thankfully these videos will remind me to get some things together and work on a few of the ideas / thoughts from the conference.

Is Capitalism dead?

Do you know where your food comes from and what's inside?

Awesome slam poet!

Incredible growth in the state of Texas especially when compared to the entire USA.

Do you know why the rocket boosters are their current size, and more importantly what does that have to do with payments?

Let's change how we connect on the web.

Wouldn't it be great if government listened more and citizens had greater participation?

Hopefully you enjoyed at least one of the videos above and are willing to share which talk is your favorite?

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