Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ugh…sometimes MSFT just irritates the heck out of me

So, I was doing some research the other night for various topics and noticed I still had the MS RSS feeds in Outlook.  I deleted the MS @Home feed and thought for $4its and giggles would just quickly look at the MS @Work RSS feed.  One post stood out amongst the others which really irritated me http://tinyurl.com/cztlrf.  This link talked about how to make your life easier using accessibility features within MS.  Unfortunately MS did not listen to their own advice because they removed numerous short-cut keys when they released MS office 2007.  One of the biggest items they removed is the E,S,P when sending email which I used very frequently.
In the end I have learned to work-around, which really means I just curse every time I need to paste special in an outlook email. I only hope that MS does a better job next time they push a major release for office.

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